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Limbu Cultural Trail

A new trekking route between Kabeli and Khaksewa rivers offers an indepth experience of the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the Limbu people who are dominant in this region. The 4-5 day Limbu Cultural Trail Trek starts from Phungling and passes through Suketar, Lalikharka, Kande Bhanjyang, Simbu, Phungphung, Phumpe and Mamanke. The Limbu Cultural Trails end in Mamankhe where more than 95 percent of the population is Limbu (Mabo). From Mamankhe one has the option of either joining the Kanchenjunga trail or retracing the route back to Phungling.

Thick and wide range of cardamom farms lie along the Limbu Cultural Trail. In addition is the unique Himalayan flora and fauna, and untouched natural landscapes. The Limbu communities in different villages perform cultural dances Dhaan Naach, Chyabrung Naach for visitors. Accommodation and meals are offered in local houses. This provides opportunity to discover the are and the people. Tasting the local tongba (alcoholic beverage) and sukuti (dry meat), interacting with the people and participating in their regular activities, and hiking along unrefined trails crossing ridge and gully offers some of the best of Himalayan experiences.