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Meditation & Medicine

Prof. Karma Yogi "Disciples of his holyness 16th gyalwa karmapa and his holyness dudjum rimpoche". Has spent 7 years in retereat and many years of experience in lecture, mediatation and in Astrology in tantra theorapy.

Finger print of Guru Padma Sambhava 7 th century.

Asuri Dhapu “Pharping” in this cave the Guru Padma Sambhava subdued the demon or Asura during the 7 th century. The Guru Padma Sambhava meditated and blessed this holy place and thus peace and tranquility was brought in this Himalayan region.

This cave is one of the most ancient cave, situated in the oldest temple of Dorje Phamo the Dakini of wisdom and enlightenment. This holy temple of Dakini is still in existence in Sankhu.

The greatest Indian Yogi Telopa and later on his disciple Naropa meditated in this holy cave during the 10 th century. This place is a great place of pilgrimage for Kargupa linage of the Tebetan Buddhism.

  • What is meditation?
    • We need meditation for “peace of mind”. As our physical body needs food and cloth, so our mind also needs mental food and meditation is the mental food
  • Why meditation?
    • Our life is full of tensions, worries, anxieties and untold sufferings, mediation will help us to experience unlimited peace of mind, happiness and joyful state of mind.

Astro healing herbal medicine – special treatment for cancer, Jaundice, Hepatitis, through the ancient herbal medicine of the himalaya by an expert herbal doctor.

Astrology and tantra therapy. Freedom from evil spirit and depression through meditation immediately by Karma

"Begin the day with compassion :
End the day with compassion :
Enjoy the life with joy and compassion:"
- Prof. Karma