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Nepal, small though it may, has so much to offer the visitor that each day of your journey through this ancient land will be a discovery. It is an opportunity for you to take in the country’s remarkable natural Kaleidoscope, delve into its vast cultural repository, and delight in its equally extensive adventure offerings.

The Nepal Himalayans, containing as many as eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, is undoubtedly the country’s biggest allure. However, there is much more to Nepal than just Mt. Everest and its minions. Mighty rivers tumble down from the Himalaya offering world class rafting opportunities, and the flatlands of the Terai are dotted with jungle reserves that shelter some of Asia’s most exotic wildlife. Indeed, the breathtaking biotic diversity that can be found here has given the Kingdom a natural affluence matched by few places on this earth.

Equally breathtaking is Nepal’s cultural heritage. The Kathmandu valley with temples, shrines and other monuments packed into its nook and cranny, as well as its arts and crafts, architecture and the year round celebrations that mark numerous festivals, is the cultural hub of the nation. The practices and beliefs of the diverse communities living elsewhere in the Kingdom have added extra colour and flavour to Nepal’s vibrant culture.

Licensed Guides:
All the travel agencies of Kathmandu have licensed English speaking guides, however, many agencies have also guides who can speak other international languages for the convenience of tourists. As unlicensed guides are not allowed to serve clients, it is advisable to confirm that your guide has valid license. To have a quality service it is recommended to arrange the sightseeing programmes only through the government registered travel agencie.

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Activities in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is no doubt blessed with the most marvelous and impressive walking country on earth. Only by walking on the ancient foot trails one can gain access to Himalayan giants. Himalayas “ The abode of snow” is the world’s greatest but youngest mountain range and is still increasing its height.Here lies the greatest concentration of the highest mountain range eight out of ten highest peaks, most varies terrain and divers

Everest Region

With eight of the world’s ten highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountains vistas. The Everest Trekking/Trekking in Everest region or Khumbu Himalaya range is justifiably famous, not only for its proximity to the world’s highest mountain but also for its friendly Sherpa people, picturesque villages, great variety of cultures and traditions, colorful festivals and monasteries. The Sagarmatha National Park is rich

Annapurna Region

The Around Annapurna trek, or Annapurna Circuit, takes about 18 to 23 days to finish. It all depends on your pace, and the time you want to spend in each place on the way. The advice is - do it easy and slowly - it is good for your health (acclimatization with altitude should be done slowly) and the places are so beautiful - take your time enjoying every single moment. The trek ascends steeply to 4590m, then along an undulating trail to

Wildlife Safari

Jungle Safari in Nepal Lal Man Trekking your guide to the sub-tropical jungles of southern Nepal. We offer jungle packages that include transportation, accommodation, and a variety of jungle activities including elephant ride, jeep safaris, canoeing and nature walk. You might have the thrill of catching a glimpse of the elusive Royal Bengal tigers of Nepal. Nepal's jungles are home to some of the most unique and rare animals in all the world.

Sightseeing in Nepal

Sightseeing tours are conducted to places of interest in Nepal and the Kathmandu valley which consists of three cities: Kathmandu-the city of Glory, Patan - the city of fine art and architecture and Bhaktapur-the city of devotees; primarily to ancient religious sites of the two main religions: Buddhism and Hinduism. The four cities of the valley were founded at various times between 3rd Century B.C and the 9th Century AD. They were embellished by the Malla Rulers at the peak of their ascendancy in the 17th century.

Peak Climbing

Standing in the midst of the rugged natural landscape of Dolpa in all its beauty, and experiencing its remoteness you cannot help but feel that this is Shangri - la - a region with an aura of mysticism about it. Dolpa, also called “Ba Yul” or the Hidden Valley, has fascinating villages and is a land of mystery, scenery and peace. Isolated and secluded from the outside world by spiraling high mountain passes and restricted entry, mysterious Dolpa had long fascinated and frustrated travelers. David Snellgrove first revealed the

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