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Peak Climbing in Nepal

The trekking peaks of Nepal offer a great potential for adventure and exploration and are less expensive than large-scale expeditions. For travelers who can stomach greater adventures, there are 18 minor peaks open for Alpine climbing. Lalman Trekking & Expedition provides you all the details, information and logistical support required for making climbing arrangements for making summit attempts on any of these peaks. Despite being below 6500m, these peaks offer a serious challenge often passing over rocky, icy and snowy terrain. The use of ropes and other mountaineering equipments are also necessary on these treks. It is strongly recommended that these treks can be attempted only by climbers with technical know how about snow and ice climbing, except for a few easy peaks such as Mera Peak (6476m). The climbing of these peaks is monitored by Nepal Mountaineering Association, and is subject to the rules and regulations formulated by this Association.

Top Peak Climbing in Nepal